Texas State University's Ingram school of Engineering needed a logo and visual design assets to aid in their proposal for a  Tier 1 University Transportation Center (UTC). The focus being to improve the durability and extend the life of transportation infrastructure. CREATE, Coastal Research and Education Actions for Transportation Equity, consists of a partnership of 4 universities that are strategically located in critical coastal areas.
"The CREATE consortium was formed to leverage the unique faculty expertise, world-class facilities, dedication to research at high technology readiness levels, and equitable education and workforce development missions of the
partner universities to collaboratively address USDOT strategic priorities."
Major weather events including tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes destroy homes and roadways near the coastline. Their mission is to put logical solutions in place so that people can have functional infrastructures that work with nature instead of against it.
Combining the "C" with a wave above a roadway effectively communicates the focus of the CREATE proposal, combining the main 2 components of the research area.
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