Vote Campaign
During  my time working as a graphic designer at Texas State University Marketing, I had the honor to design all of the creative for the Vote Campaign in 2020 which included the logo, social media graphics, printed posters, digital graphics for screens throughout campus, stickers and more. The goals of the project were to  "increase voter awareness among students and the greater Bobcat community, push voter registration, provide vital information and drive voter turnout across our two campuses in two different counties." - University Marketing. Working alongside the team of writers, photographers, my creative director, and the entire team, we created a campaign that made a huge difference and surpassed our goal.
Hays county had 16,429 more registered voters compared to 2018
The Logo
"Vote, the rest is just noise" was presented to me as the tagline of this campaign and lead me to choose the speech bubble as the anchor of this mark. A lot of folks have a lot to say politically and unfortunately don't cast their ballot in the end, making everything previously said, just noise. Voting is the act that makes the biggest impact in the end.
The movement of the typography paired with loud and proud gradients were sure to grab a passerby's attention. If the visuals were anything less wild than what we landed on, I'm not so sure it would have gotten the response that it did. The writing of the campaign was the main focus and allowed the type to drive the creative.

Photography by Stephanie Shultz

Social Media Graphics
2,000 more in person voters on the first day of early voting
Social Media Gif
Webpage Header